5 Reasons To Get Hyped About The 2018 ROC Awards
With the show just hours away, it’s no secret that the name of the winners for a 2018 ROC award are printed and sealed in an envelope. Close to 600 people will enter the doors of Hochstein School of Music to walk the red carpet. The swag of the evening will... Read more
VIDEO: 1055 The Beat Rochester | Community Spotlight On Grace Muwawa
1055 The Beat Rochester supports the work of The Heberande Foundation. The Heberande Foundation an organization located in a small village, in the Democratic Republic of Congo dedicated to helping the homeless, abandon and orphaned children. Rochester resident Grace Muwawa is founder of the foundation. Hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo,... Read more
Underneath the Mask Is Beauty and Grace Muwawa
Grace Muwawa is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2007, Muwawa was sent to the United States by her mother for a better life with more opportunities. This move happened shortly after her father died from health complications.  What Muwawa didn’t know was that her journey to the “land... Read more