VIDEO: Ajani Jeffries is Skateboarding Around Rochester
In 1992, actor Woody Harrelson helped changed the perception that all white guys suck at basketball in the hit film “White Men Can’t Jump”. In the movie, ball players throughout Los Angeles put money on the line, assuming Harrelson’s character couldn’t play the sport because he was a white... Read more
Rochester Elections 2017: Mayor Lovely Warren Re-elected
Lovely Warren (D) has broken another record in Rochester history as the first female to be re-elected as Mayor of Rochester. In addition to creating history, Warren plans to continue to develop opportunities for the advancement of Rochester and its residents. According to her campaign website,, Warren has established “her... Read more
ROC International Airport Employee Dancing To The Beat
It’s unlikely that you’d catch the beat of what 30-year old Kyran Ashford was listening to when he was recorded by an airplane passenger departing a boarding gate at the Rochester International Airport last week. Why? It’s simple; employees can’t have headphones on while directing airplane traffic. However, when... Read more